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  1. This is why i hate poker, so grease..

  2. How much you lose ??

  3. Should have put him all in on the turn. You gave him the opportunity to get lucky on the river.

  4. You forgot to say he can't have aces because you have an ace. Card removal, Doug. Card removal.

  5. Ouch good call man tuff break

  6. How do you play internet poker if you live in America?

  7. Your analysis of most poker hands is very interesting but one must remember that the best of the best will use that against a player who is like that….ala play the man not the cards. The best hand doesn’t always win

  8. Hope you lose it all

  9. U talk to much

  10. Damn Vanessa you got stomped bro

  11. Right in the old prison pocket!

  12. cant play those hands outside the bubble in that position

  13. Anyone knows if this online poker site is better than ignition?

  14. Is this the tournament Fedor and Bencb789 chopped? Ouch Doug, that had to hurt seeing a competitor in the poker training site business winning this.

  15. You didn’t play well here , let’s be honest .

  16. If I had in ur situation I had put all I. Flop to see if he chases flush rs
    But o would lose at the end kkk

  17. Hahahahahahaha thanks for the laugh. I feel you.

  18. See I'm the kind of player that could let that A9 go on that flop. Yes you hit the ace but the heart draw and being out kicked is a huge factor I always weigh. which is what makes poker so much fun. I believe in poker there are multiple right choices no matter the outcome. I think you played it fantastic and even made the right call and in the end there was nothing you could do about it, luck is luck.

  19. I could have maybe seen a hefty re-raise on the flop to get the opponent off of a possible draw, you said that the flop was as good as it gets for A9 but I disagree, opponent could very well have hands like QJ or some sort of suited hearts hand, (like he did) that you could possibly push out at the flop. it seemed like you were calling anything with your hand at any point so why not get it in on the flop?

  20. Fucking brutal

  21. Damn Doug fukin sucks just like StarCraft days 😎

  22. He seemed a lot less disappointed than I'd be if I'd lost like that but if it was a $10 game.

  23. poker star is a bait scam..cant play on this scam site any more cause of the bait rigged hands that come out all the time …always the same on bait stars!!! how these donks can flop draw heavy flops with 87 like that when you're holding a made hand ..A9 not all that great but makes me laugh that donk gets a draw like that to make sure your money gets in the pot ..its always like this on stars …flops are almost always the same ..your pattern run is always the same how people think they can win on a scam site that baited for rigged action is beyond me ….every flop is a draw for these donks to make sure the never fold …

  24. i remember my first free roll

  25. That players bet on the turn was beautiful… I think he put you on top pair and with (in his mind 17 outs) it’s such a powerful play to put you all in.

  26. Great Call,

  27. Irritating commentator voice.

  28. Yeah he got lucky, but you played A9 like you had the nuts. It's ONLINE. If I have AK online, I'm already assuming someone has kings or aces.. or is that just my luck?… and they usually do.

  29. ty very much for your poker lessons you wasted 7 mins of my life

  30. 100k$ tournament highest one? not quite. there's a 1.2m$ tournament online

  31. If they were live streaming could they not have viewed each others hands on twitch? I don't know how all the streaming nonsense works so it may sound daft to you guys that don't get out much.

  32. that's was a terrible call with a fonky A ..c'mon you d lose from many hands are you serious a pro?

  33. The game was rigged

  34. Stupid play with ace 9 of clubs

  35. lol Suck it, Polk.

  36. My god this guy is terrible at poker

  37. Would u like to rebuy for 102k lol

  38. Here’s a tip Doug u insta checked a pair of aces… see it all the time from ppl

  39. "Generous white man donates 6 figures to charity"

  40. I truly dont understand. Yes he was pushing you into a tough spot but to risk 2/3 of their stack on a draw .. maybe why i dont play poker anymore i was too nitty. How do you have the money just flopping around to take a risk like that. Maybe if i got in for free or something

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